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Interventional Areas

Our commitment is to obtain concrete and measurable results which improve significantly market and economic-financial performances.

To achieve this objective, efforts are needed on areas that may have a high impact on performance and competitive strength of the company: financial resources - internationalisation - organisation.

Our ability to understand the causes of the problems and find integrated solutions, allows our customers to find alternative sources of profitable growth, to reposition their businesses for the future or to increase their competitive advantage.

Since "implementing" strategies or making organisations functioning is often much more critical and complex than designing, IGC consultants are able to work even on the operational side.

The willingness and determination of having a concrete and significant impact over the client's results require operational modes of high efficiency, which are based on the adoption of well tested and certified methods, always creative and achievable, dedicated into their uniqueness and the specific client's needs.

Our approach is to work with customers in mixed teams composed of consultants and integrated by members of the organisation, so as to involve and develop the skills of both IGC and of our customers and their partners.