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ISO 9001 Certification

Provision of services concerning consultancy, technical, economical, administrative assistance, project management for development and research projects, to be achieved with financial support of national and international funds.Design and development of management and organisational Consulting services and related professional training.

Progettazione sviluppo di servizi di Consulting di Direzione e di Organizzazione e relativa formazione professionale. Erogazione di servizi di Consulting, assisitenza tecnica, economica, amministrativa e Project Management per progetti di sviluppo e di ricerca, da realizzare mediante l'accesso alle agevolazioni finanziarie nazionali e internazionali (E35).

Our consultants have certified skills, they are in fact certified members of CMC (Certified Management Consultant), belonging to the PCA (Professional Association Consultants Organisation), and then to 'ICMCI (International Council of Management Consulting Institutes), which is the international organisation that brings together associations of national management consultants.