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Organisational and Management Consulting

Extraordinary financial interventions often underlay strategic issues, which imply comparing the coherence of company strategies with the characteristics of the defined actions in reorganisation, restructural industrial conversion plans.

With its regards, the rationalization of the organisational structures and productive processes becomes an avoidable issue in order to rule the cost factors.

The mapping of processes, their diagnosis in terms of flux, methods, instruments and skills, allow the assessment of not only efficiency and added value, but outsourcing opportunities as well.

  • We make process analysis, diagnosis and continuous improvement from the point of view of fluxes, methods, instruments and skills in agreement with the new strategic situations;
  • We make production process diagnoses and carry out improvement and engineering using BPR techniques;
  • We measure production process reliability;
  • We develop Business Plans;
  • We develop customer Marketing Plans;
  • We carry out assessment of compliance with respect to standardised organisational models such as:
    • - ISO 9000 for quality management;
    • - ISO 14000 for environmental management;
    • - AS / NZS 4360 for risk management;
    • - Leg. 231/01 on criminal and administrative liability of the company;
    • - UNI 11336 for preliminary assessment of a proposed outsourcing services;
  • We develop management models in terms of operating tools, structure mechanism and identifying responsibilities;
  • We evaluate, develop and implement management organisational models for quality and environment as per their international certifications;
  • We define organisational and job sets;
  • We set up and manage union and industrial representative relationships;
  • We evaluate, design and assist outsourcing process implementations in Italy and abroad;