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A company's profit is due to its industrial attractiveness in the particular sector in which it competes and from its relative position within it. Understanding decisive structural factors means defining strategies in order to create a sustainable competitive advantage, define the chain value and creative look for most favourable positions in respect to competitors.

  • We carry out evaluations of competitive strategies, sector analysis and positioning analysis, risk analysis for detecting the risk of loss of profitability of a company with respect to market dynamics;
  • We carry out value analysis consisting in the examination of processes and activities through which the company creates value, to verify those which have higher added value and those that, on the contrary, reduce profitability. Value analysis is applied to understand in what areas you can lower costs and / or improve performances of an organisation, so the company can evaluate effectively the opportunity to focus its energies on activities that generate more profits;
  • Design, development and implementation of strategies for the development of competitiveness and profitability.