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Using the service 'Contacts', you automatically consent to the processing of your personal data. The provision of data for such purposes and its agreement is entirely voluntary, but a refusal will make impossible to continue with that service. Data will not be disclosed to third parties and will be handled by the staff (technicians, operators, marketing, customer relations specialists) if necessary. The data controller is the writing company IGC S.a.s based in Corso Moncalieri 51-10100 Turin(TO), Italy. The party responsible for data management is the Computer System Manager, who, in this capacity, is based and may be contacted in offices at the aforementioned address. Any party having interest thereunto may submit any request, complaint or objection as contemplated and provided for under Statute 7 of Decree Law 196/03 to said Manager. The interested party may also request from the Manager an updated list of any other party having data management responsibilities. Requests, complaints and objections should all be addressed "to the attention of the Chief Data Management Officer". Information may also be obtained at any time as contemplated and provided for under Statute 9 of Decree Law 196/03.

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