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Marketing and international communication

The incapacity to communicate effectively the value of an organisation is a waste of resources and a loss of opportunities that can degrade over time a company survival.

Today, traditional marketing systems seem outdated, inefficient and unable to measure the return on investment. Our proposal allows us to offer a coordinated service of integrated communication addressed to the maximum valorization of the assets and to the corporate brand.

We adopt the most modern and effective methods of relationship marketing to always control and measure the effects of your communication strategy, your brand development and to give value to intangible assets, to measure market returns and image as well as the effectiveness of your actions. We have over 2 million of contacts selected at international levels to put you in contact with.

In order to give visibility to your site, to develop relationships directed and focused on target potential customers, to coordinate the development of your brand, to create a reputation, to attract customers, to inform the world and attract partners, to check how your competitors operate. we offer the following solutions:

  • Design and implementation of a customised Social Network Strategy;
  • Creation and management of promotional campaign for your product / service - daily / weekly / monthly reports of your campaign and services;
  • Creation and management of social networks accounts, creation of groups and monitoring of competing activities, management of advertisements with fee;
  • Create mechanisms for the collection of contacts in order to build up databases;
  • Design and maintenance of blog;
  • Creation / review of the company's website and link with social accounts;
  • Optimization of the website with SEO / SEM techniques.

For an effective management of communication during the coordination phase of funded projects our services include:

  • Preparation of periodic reports on the project progress;
  • Organisation of meetings and workshops;
  • Planning and control of results dissemination;
  • Organisation and management of communication between partners, stakeholders and EC;

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