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Implementation of the entry Strategy

IGC helps its clients to identify the most appropriate location to start all settlement operations. To do so, in addition to costs and local incentives, also qualitative factors (eg. family life style) that help to plan an efficient organisation, are taken in consideration. The activity of IGC focuses in particular on the legal - administrative aspects that must be completed to start a business in India [eg. the approval of the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB), Reserve Bank of India (RBI), etc.].

In conjunction with obtaining permits from local authorities, IGC is also responsible for organisational aspects:

  • Evaluation and selection of suppliers and local partners;
  • Due Diligence and Risk Analysis;
  • Assistance and dispatching of local permits for start-up activities;
  • Start-up assistance;
  • Designing of the organisational structure, evaluation, selection and staff and Management recruitment for the overseas offices.

When requested by the evaluation of the sustainability of the project, we are in a position to offer 'turnkey' services that included the period of start up with Temporary Management intervention.