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Market analysis

At first IGC determines the opportunities that the Indian market offers to the client, and thus it is able to identify the possible best entry strategies.

All research is conducted independently to ensure confidentiality and full control of all parameters. It can be focused on specific sectors, geographical areas and sectors, which are particularly promising, in order to obtain both details on potential market and knowledge of the regulations and the main norms that regulate it. This activity involves the implementation of some basic steps:

  • Examination of governance rules and federal and state legislation;
  • Market research and competitive analysis;
  • Evaluation of the impact of taxes and duties;
  • Geomarkerting analysis with identification of economic and monetary, political and legal factors, governmental infrastructure and of factors related to geography, to the labour market, to taxes, which may affect the choices of our customers;
  • Risk analysis with identification of strengths and weaknesses of the organisation as regards to the internationalisation project.

IGC can provide its services in their complexity or only those that customers deem to be necessary.