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The international economic system is increasingly complex and global, with business models rapidly changing, within organisations and rules. The enlargement of the boundaries of international competitiveness requires a close confrontation in order to maintain over time the efficiency and the sustainability of the business model and the value of the company.

Our interventions are especially addressed to foreign markets where business sustainability is maintained over time, avoiding the speculative approach. For this reason, we have chosen India as a reference country for the development of relationships with the Italian companies (visit: gfibc.com), but thanks to a network of international experts (visit: interconsultants.it ) we can offer a wide range of services in many countries around the world.

Our Services:

We can follow our clients from the early stages, reducing the risk of entry, restricting the times of gestation, creating solutions.

Directly for the Indian market and indirectly in case of other foreign countries, IGC offers step by step services that bring a company in the market by ensuring the formulation, implementation and monitoring of the effectiveness of the strategy.

IGC consulting services are logical steps that every company must take to enter in the foreign market:

IGC can provide its services in their complexity or only those that customers deem to be necessary.